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Mini-Patch to ExcitusXtreme V 3.1

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  • Mini-Patch to ExcitusXtreme V 3.1

    Today there is a little mini patch. To get this patch, just tick the "Refresh Mods Automatically" option in the Modlauncher. A restart is NOT required for this patch.

    This mini-patch brings the following changes:
    • Changed: Copper and zinc ingots from the extended forge can now be scraped (1 ingot = 1 copper or 1 zinc) or melted down again in the extended forge (1 ingot = 5 copper or zinc)
    • Fixed: The claw hammer is no longer required to manufacture the springs in the expanded forge, but the anvil
    • Fixed: Eating of Old Sham sandwiches and moldy bread now requires a toilet. It doesn't matter whether vitamins have been used or not
    • Balanced: osmium blocks and steel polish now require the extended wrench as a tool in the extended workbench
    • Fixed: The name variable in ModInfo.xml is now "Excitus" again. As a result, incorrect path information should no longer occur on servers
    • Fixed: The spawn heights of some traders have been adjusted. They should now appear at the correct height instead of on a mound of earth (1 dealer at approx. 2250 south / 1750 east has not yet been corrected, this will be done in the next patch)
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