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Vanilla farm plot doe's not put seed automatically after harvest

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  • Vanilla farm plot doe's not put seed automatically after harvest

    Hi and first of all, thx for a awesome mod

    When I have planted, say potato seed, pumpkin seed etc, etc. When I harvest them, they not regrow like in vanilla 7D2D (a new seed is planted automatically). I need to put other seed in the farm plot.
    Is this a bug, or is it intended to be like this?

    Btw, I know there is a farm perk in this mod.

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    No, this isn't a bug. There are two different ways to harvest crops.
    1. Press (E) to harvest the entire plant. This only picks up the plant, no seed is left. It's like harvesting an wild growing plant
    2. Punsh the plant with your fist or an tool. This only picks up the crops, but left the seed planted. Vanilla farming perks like "living off the land" also works here, to get more crops from one plant.
    I've seen, at the moment there is no description of these two differnt methods. With the next patch there will come a journal tip, popping up after crafting your first farm plot.
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