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ExcitusXtreme V3.1 released

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  • ExcitusXtreme V3.1 released


    ExcitusXtreme V3.1 is released now.

    It is definitely required to start a new game!

    Whats new?
    • Fixed green biome. No more sand-spots in the green
    • Walking Dead mode can now be switched off again
    • Adjusted the loot of some loot boxes and the lootlist overall
    • Added new vehicle: hot air balloon
    • New Pre-gen map "ExcitusXtremeV31Medium"
    • Skins of the player build storage boxes changed, 2 new ones (trader and books) added
    • Fixed incorrect spawn of some POIs
    • POI "Chris' Store" temporarily removed - needs to be reworked
    • Fixed: Radivin no longer cures excitus infection
    • Onkel_DD poster added
    • All books can now be carfted in the extended workbench. Therefore a printer is required as a tool. The printer can only be bought from the trader and cannot be found [CHANGED]
    • Added: Power Pills. Can be crafted in the extended workbench and unlock your complete inventory until you die
    • Added: New deco plants that can be carfted in the expanded workbench, with new attractive pots
    • Added: Blend and smoke grenades. Can only be found in wall safes, other boxes and looted from many zombies. You can not craft these grenades.
    • Now you can run pretty fast over shallow water and also run fast along river banks and shores
    • Fixed a lot of bugs
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